Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vampires in Alaska~ "30 Days of Night, Night, Again" by Joe R. Lansdale

Published by:  IDW
Release Date:  December 6, 2011
Writer:  Joe R. Lansdale
Artist:  Sam Keith


Fleeing the site of a secondary vampire infestation in the cold, wilds of Alaska, a band of survivors arrive at a climate change facility during the final days of a long period of extended daylight. The inhabitants of the research compound are trying to determine the nature of a strange object found in the ice when the survivors arrive, leading to a frightening and bloody confrontation between humans and vampires - and an odd and unexpected guest!

Written by acclaimed horror writer Joe R. Lansdale and featuring horrifically beautiful art by Sandman co-creator Sam Kieth! 

The Dame's Blood Dripping Review :

There's a connection between October, 1943, the Nazi submarines..and a vampire hunt taking place in 2004 desolate, Alaska.  It's not clear even slightly, however, until the discovery at the end of this blood and guts graphic novel.  Still, we have to wait until the next in the series to find out exactly what that connection is...and I, for one am hanging on tethers until then.  Well, not literally tethers, those you can see first hand in this gorgeously pictured gothic cum graphic novel.  Vampires loving to string humans up, after all.

What I love best and hate most about "30 Days of Night..." is the gore.  I'm an admitted vampire lover.  And, let's face it, it's the gore, the vicious throat-ripping, blood-dripping that charges us up.  We don't like to admit it.  It's not something we like to share over dinner and in groups with our vampirish reading friends.  But we know it deep in our hearts.  That being said, it was difficult to see in Sam Keith's colored drawings.

His vampire queen wasn't beautiful in the traditional sense.  She's monstrous.  Not much to recommend her in physical attraction.  What she does have is power over the men and a sympathetic side when she talks about her hunger.  But, I wish she'd wipe her mouth after "dinner!"

I felt more for the leader of the non-vampires, Trudy, who was encouraging them on a search to find those left behind for the vampires to chew upon.  She's the beautiful one on a good mission...but that can eventually get boring, can't it?  I'm waiting to see...

This is a graphic novel series I'm going to be collecting.  It's gorey, it has some really x-rated language which means I can't recommend it to everyone, but it has a storyline that appeals to the vampire lover in me.

For those of you who harbor the vampirish in all forms, you may want to sneak this one past the wimps in your association.

4 blood-curdling stars


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